Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's been awhile...

And I'll tell you why.... life. (I know, a lame excuse).

I left my old job and started a new and more exciting one at LUCASFILM ANIMATION!

...So I've been busy. I'm a PA and helping make the top secret Clone Wars Series... I help do the stuff most people don't want to do, but I do enjoy it.

Anywho, I'm hoping that inspiration (and skill) will once atain hit me and I'll start drawing again... more than doodles.

So life is exciting, but I've been lacking in creativity. Let's hope this is only temporary!


Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Genesis of the Lady Loon

Hi. I'm Sarah. I've been drawing for ages. I'm one of those people that started on walls with crayons.

I've adopted the name "Loon" for quite sometime now and a few years ago added "Lady" in front of it. I've had many people inquire about where it came from and thought a good first blog for my art would be to explain it.

I created a character named Dodo when I was merely 9 years old with my friends who created their own characters. We pretended to be them, drew them in comics and created stories. I kept Dodo around and developed her as the years went by, always using her as a reflection of myself. I also said that someday I would use her and make a cartoon show with her and her friends. I added "Loon" to her name and thus she became "Dodo Loon."

In high school I became friends with a wonderful group of 8 other girls. I created characters for all of them and we developed their world and wrote stories and began to call each other by our character's names. So, I was dubbed "Loon" when I was 14 years old.

When I grew older, I added "Lady" to it because I liked the way that it sounded and people started associating me with the bird (because they were unaware of the actual origin of my nickname). I've learned a lot about the bird and have grown to really love it. So I adopted the bird as a sort of mascot.

So now you know.

The image above is a concept of "Lady Loon" that I want to flush out and color. It is a quick caricature of myself because, well, I am the Lady Loon.
Unfortunately, her gown is colored wrong; the chest should be white and the skirt black. She was sketched two weeks ago with pencil and a ball-point pen.

The quick sketch to the right is an old drawing of Dodo. I did this at some point in the past few years. When I drew her in elementary school, she looked rather different. This design (rather sloppy rendition really...) was the one I developed in high school. I have grown to dislike it and have begun to redesign her again. I have a sketch of it that I'll probably show later and I'm rather pleased with it right now :)

That's it for now! I'll hopefully be posting frequently and let you know when I've updated my website!